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If you have event information to share on a regular basis, and use an email distribution list, please add us to it. Our event email is [email protected] Thank you!

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Please include at least one picture or graphic with your event submission. Requirements: 72 dpi, minimum of 800 pixels wide and 450 pixels tall. Events submitted without art, or submitted with poor quality art, will be subject to stock photo use of our choice. No listing will be published without art. Please include art as an attachment to this submission.

Publishing Guidelines

Triangle Events publishes area event information as a public service. There is no charge for our service. Our revenue is derived from affiliate marketing and advertising. We will publish any event that is of interest to the general public as long as it is either related to entertainment or a community event. It must also be available for attendance by everyone.

We do not publish event information that is in it’s self an advertisement for a product or service. If you have a product or service to sell, please contact our advertising department at 919-434-8783. We have very reasonable advertising rates.

We also reserve the right to decide what we publish without regard to outside influence or requests. Triangle Events is not a political or social platform. We do not publish violent, discriminatory or pornographic content. We are here to enhance the community through the sharing of public entertainment or community event information.

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